The Five Best Photo iPhone Apps 


If you are looking for a way to bring your designs and photos to life, using easy and intuitive editing apps, look no further than the Create My Case guide to the best photo apps on the market today.  


We have played around with all of these apps to bring you a comprehensive guide on which one is best for you.  Who knows, your edited photo could then be saved and used within our design tool to be on your next case.  Why not give a little design touch up to your photos so they can have the best colour, filter and look for your custom phone case.


Even the older generation and more irregular users are starting to take a keen interest in photography as we always now have a high standard camera in our pockets.  You have started looking at different ways of framing a photo and the best way to use your camera – now you want to bring those photos to life. 


So, what do we recommend at Create My Case? See for yourself, below: 




What did we like about this? Its ease of use certainly, but above all its easy delivery to Instagram without having to crop anything. 


Along with its sleek editing tools – you can deliver your photos to any of your social networks and also straight to your phone library.  So, give your social media the lick of paint it needs, by making sure your photos are vibrant and interesting! 


At Create My Case, we keep finding for ease of use, PicTapGo, really is the bees knees and we can import our photos to anywhere at any time! 


Camera +


We loved this app at Create My Case – it gives such an array of features in which you can control settings before and after you have taken the photo. 


Here is the clever bit.  All the photos you take are automatically stored like a 35mm film roll.  Say What! YES, we like a vintage touch and straight away, this app gives another angle for your photos to look great in. 


This app works on different filter names as well – meaning you can have filters such as sunset scene, or film scene, giving the amateur iphotographer’s among us relevant scenarios in which they can edit their images into. 


One of our favourite elements of this app, is the depth of field you can achieve along with quick editing functionality which can really make your photos look great in seconds.


Pro Camera 7: 


When Apple gave us added camera stability and functionality, App developers started to take things further themselves. 


With the ability to be able to control exposure, light balance and focus is an instrumental part of photography and that is why at Create My Case, we recommend this app.  You can set focus, slide the exposure icon around until you have the right exposure, then snap away.


Pro Camera also has some light editing functionality and some control over other elements of your photography, all within one easy to manage interface. 


Essentially this app gives you more control over your initial photo – so don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of this app and create some memorable photography. 



Unfortunately we can’t all have the eye for a perfectly captured photo, with all the light settings and exposure exactly right.  That coupled with the iPhone’s limited camera range, sometimes you need to edit your photos for a more balanced composition. 


Snapseed can give you an array of editing tools that can turn your bland photos into something colourful, vibrant and with lots of depth.  


Along with some other apps, Snapseed gives you the standard editing tools, but where this app shines is in the fine editing functions you can use, giving you the opportunity to pick out points and colours of your photos for the best looking images. 


Our verdict is really based around how intuitive this app is.  Even the most casual iPhone user can understand how this works and it can really bring your photos alive. 




Seeing the amount of case designs we do at Create My Case, we know the vintage look isn’t going away anytime soon and rightly so! We love the look of the vintage photo’s here and this app is taking these effects on to new levels. 


Whilst some photo apps will let you add filters as your only option – this app lets you add various filters and then allows you to fine tune them, giving you real strong editing functions all within your iPhone.  It means you can begin to experiment more with your images. 


Even with the array of built in filters, there are more potential in app purchases, which you can preview before you decide to buy.  Excellent!  

So, there we go for the Create My Case top photo app round up.  Why don’t you start editing your photos today and then upload them to our design tool so we can make you a bespoke phone case! If you need any tips or advice, please feel free to ask our in house design team, who are always willing to help.  

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