The case will keep dust away and protect your valuable device if you ever drop it. The good news is that you don't need to spend a lot of money buying a case. Here's how to easily build your own iPhone 7+ case.

Visit a Website That Will Help You

There are several sites that help customers create unique phone cases. Before building the cover, you will need to choose a design that is attractive to you. Most websites that offer the service allow phone users to choose a color and pattern that they would like to have on the cover. The designs that you pick should reflect your personality. For example, a pink cover with little kitten is ideal for a girly iPhone user while that with a black cover and understated pattern will work best for professional and mature users. The site will also allow you to upload a phone with an accompanying message. All these factors will help you build a case that is unique to you.

The Material That You Choose Is Key

You could build a case made from a hard case or a soft case. Hard cases are obviously more durable and easy to clean. They are ideal for younger people or those who like to carry their phone when exercising or engaging in other physical activity. If you drop the phone, it is unlikely to get any cracks on the screen. A hard cover is also ideal for protecting the device from scratches from other items, pets, or little children. To get rid of accumulated dirt, use a damp cloth to wipe clean.

You could also choose to go with a soft case. This will accord you more flexibility but might not offer as much protection as a hard cover would. If your phone is always in a protected area such as a desk or bag, soft cases are ideal. The cases can be made using a variety of soft material and are quite elegant. To keep clean, you will have to occasionally launder them and replace them as soon as they lose their luster. Once you settle on the type of cover that you want, a design will be installed and the case shipped to your destination of choice within no time.


It is quite easy to design and build a phone case. You only need to set aside some time to do it and tap your creative energy. Once you are done, you'll have a case that will not only protect your phone, but one that also reflects your personality.