Here's how to do it, the types of designs you can have done, ideas and why you should get a case designed.

How To Do It

It is extremely easy to design your very own case. It is done online, and all you have to do is choose what kind of case you want. For example, you might prefer a slim case or a case with liners. Once you choose the actual type of case, that is where the real fun begins. You'll be able to choose if you want any text displayed on the case, as well if you want a case that has a gloss finish or matte finish and then you can choose any photos you want to have on it. You can even choose where the text should go and whether the photo/photos should appear as a collage or as a monogram and things of that nature.

You have full control over your design. After you have finished designing your case, you place your order and wait for it to arrive. It's that easy.

Types Of Cases You Can Have Designed

It doesn't matter if you have an older iPhone model or the latest one, you can have a case custom designed for you. Whether you own the iPhone 6, 5, 7 or other model, you can design it. As previously mentioned, everything is done online and you will have the chance to choose the type of phone you have. After you do this, the design process begins.


The ideas are endless. If you have a favorite saying or phrase and a color, then put them on your case. For example, if you have a favorite phrase that motivates you and you are fond of the color blue, then you can easily put that phrase vertically, horizontally or slanted on the case. The lettering can be any color you want, while the background can be blue.

If you have a favorite photo, such as one of your kids or parents, then add them to the case. Maybe you have a great family photo you're fond of. You may want a multi-colored case, which is perfectly fine and doable. When it comes to designing your case, the sky is the limit.

Why Design Your Own Case

Don't be boring and get the same old case that thousands and thousands already have. If you want to standout of the crowd, then get a case that you have designed yourself.

Maybe you want to give someone special a gift. If so, then have a case that features a special photo or phrase that they love. If it's a holiday, such as Mother's Day, have a photo of her kids taken and have it put on her iPhone case that you have specially designed for her. Birthdays, honeymoons, Christmas and First Communions are all great occasions to give an iPhone case as a gift. Especially one that has a personalized touch.

In short, some of the reasons to design your case include:

. Gift
. Memories
. Stand out
. Change things up

Those are only a few of the many reasons why you should design an iPhone case on your own.

Getting a custom iPhone case is a great idea. Now you know how to do it and reasons why you should have one designed for you. Go ahead and start the process of designing your own iPhone case.