When it comes to adaptability, smart phones have not yet completely replaced laptops and tablets. They still have a long way to go before that happens. The UK audience is no different. Although we chose smart phones as our number one device for surfing, we still use our tablets and laptops. For those of us who fall in that category, there is great news!
Microsoft has started taking pre-orders from UK for its “ultimate” laptop, the Surface Book. For those who don’t know about the Surface series, here is a brief overview.

Microsoft’s attempt to minimise the dilemma of choosing between a laptop and a tablet led to the introduction of the “Surface”. These were devices that could detach from their keyboards and serve as fully functional tablets, while retaining the features of a normal laptop. Microsoft took the surface series further with the launch of its “ultimate” Surface Book in North America last autumn.
Now Microsoft is planning to bring the Surface Book to a few more countries.

Luckily, the UK happens to be one of them. Although the device will be officially launched on 18th February in the UK, pre-orders are now open. As of right now, pre-orders can only be placed through Microsoft’s online store. The Surface Book comes with a hefty price tag as was expected, starting at £1299 and going up to £2240. The “ultimate” laptop offers a sleek design without compromising on speed and runs a full Windows 10. It also includes the Surface Pen.
So if you are confused between choosing a laptop or a tablet and have extra cash lying in your wallet, then check out this “ultimate” laptop.