While some of the new innovations came from industry experts, a significant portion came from the side of bright young entrepreneurs who brought in some outstanding ideas and turned them into reality.

As we enter a new year, the stakes in the world of entrepreneurship will only get higher. The quest to become the next Mark Zuckerberg or Sergi Brin will only make the competition tougher. Technology Entrepreneurs from all over the world are looking for opportunities to make their mark on potential investors to provide them with the money and expertise to take their venture to a national or global level. Tech Entrepreneurs from the UK too, are not far behind in this race. As we look back at 2015, we can clearly see an increasing interest shown by investors in the UK, more specifically, in London based tech start-ups.

2015 was marked by a significant increase in investment by venture capitalist firms to promote fresh technology start-ups. London based Tech start-ups got the most attention in terms of investment, attracting almost 62.5% of all the money invested in UK technology firms. Fintech too, experienced a great year and the number of its start-up companies increased drastically. According to research, companies like London & Partners investors, are now expressing a growing confidence in start-ups. This increasing confidence will allow technology firms to compete on a global level and pave a way for more foreign investment in the future.

However, these tech start-ups still have a long way to go if they want to compete on a global level. In fact, it will take them years to come at par with their Silicon Valley counterparts. But, all in all, this positive trend has definitely started to motivate young minds for the future.