However, one of the best aspects of Uber is now available in all black cabs; mobile payments. We all know how it can be annoying to have to pay in the traditional ways. Sometimes we may just not have cash, and in such instances Uber was the only current option. However, Hailo has launched a service called Hailopay which is active in all black cabs.

The best part of the service is that no apps are required. You can simply open the Hailopay webpage on your phone and pay up. The service requires the drivers to sign up; the process itself is very simply though, and the majority of the drivers have already signed on. The way it works is that every driver is given a unique code. When you want to pay, simply enter the unique code of your driver and the payment made will go to them. There is no fee to pay through Hailopay, so you will only be paying the amount due.

The move is especially interesting due to the strong anti-Uber sentiment in the cab community. Drivers do not like Uber at all and think that the deregulation gives Uber an unfair advantage over cabs. Smart people in the tech and cab industry, however, know that the reason that users are flocking to Uber is the ease of use. Thus by instead of focusing their efforts on fighting Uber, they are focusing on making the Black Cab experience better. This means that Hailopay is only the beginning; we may see other beloved features from Uber becoming commonplace in all cabs.