1. No Insurance
Everyone knows that the iPhone is a pretty expensive piece of technology. Most people purchase insurance to make sure their investment is protected against the many 'ugh' moments in life, but that does not mean everyone can.
You might not have thought about insurance, or you just can't afford the extra cost to keep insurance active. Those without insurance will have to pay damages out of pocket, and that could get pretty expensive. A high-quality cover can help protect your iPhone against things like dings or even drops.
2. Scratch-Resistant
It would be nice if iPhone creators made a phone that resisted scratches completely. Scratches are not necessarily going to mess with the iPhone's functionality, but they can damage the phone's natural design and beauty.
Worst of all, scratches can also interfere with the smartphone's ability to showcase its video and image quality. You may want to see your favorite show or edit a photograph you just took, but all the scratches on the phone might make it hard for you to be able to do any of that. This is yet another reason you need to consider purchasing a good custom case for your phone.
3. Hiding the Truth
Some people, for one reason or another, do not want to update their phones. Perhaps, their iPhone holds some sentimental value to them, or perhaps it does not make sense to purchase a new phone when their current smartphone works just fine.
No matter the reason, the fact is that you are still sporting an older phone while most people have already updated. There is no need to always explain yourself to strangers or have judgmental eyes see your old iPhone. All you have to do is purchase a good and solid custom iPhone case, and all your little issues will disappear.
4. Uniqueness Matters
An awesome benefit of having a custom case is that it is personalized. You can have all the protection you want while still making sure that you express yourself through your case. A custom smartphone case gives the owner the opportunity to showcase his or her taste.
Sure, you can purchase a pre-made design, but there is nothing better than creating something on your own. You can borrow a theme from a film that you love, or you can borrow from artist, or perhaps use your own artwork if you have any. A custom case can be a great conversation starter, and it can also help others identify just how cool you might be.
5. Distinction
As you know, the iPhone is quite popular, which means that you and probably all your friends have one. These smartphones can look alike, especially without a distinctive case.
You do not want to be searching for your phone, wasting your time when all you have to do is purchase an iPhone case. Making your case unique should help ensure that the design is different. This can also help you keep an eye on your phone since it is a lot more recognizable now.
Keep in mind that these cases are removable, so you can take them off when you do not need them or do not want them. The most important thing is that you have your case because it is better to have the option of using it than not.